Landing page for a digital product


About the project

Brolio is a contact management software developed by Comitas AG, a company based in Switzerland. The product offers simple tools for businesses to manage their leads and customers and optimizes the sales process.

For this project, we collaborated with Comitas to create a compelling landing page to show the benefits of the digital product. The goal was to focus on a minimalist, interactive user interface, whilst keeping the whole experience simple and to the point.

screenshot of Brolio website

Our solution

Together with the client, we decided to build the website using WordPress to allow flexibility for a possible scale and growth. All elements are editable in Elementor, a popular visual editor for WordPress websites.

The features of the website include:

  • language switcher (German and English)
  • video banners
  • sliders
  • modal windows
  • animations & transitions

View completed website

Screenshot of Brolio website

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