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Emberger Consulting

About the project

Emberger Consulting is a lifecycle marketing agency specializing in email, push, and SMS services. The company needed a new website that would show off its professional expertise and help them attract new customers.

We teamed up with the owner of the agency to design and develop a stunning website that is both creative and engaging.

screenshot of Emberger Consulting website

Our solution

First, we created design mockups to get a better understanding of the style of the new website. The client wanted something sleek and modern, but with a touch of class. In addition, they wanted to add a theme that matched their company's branding and suggested the ocean or surfing. We thought it was a great idea and were excited to give it a try.

Once the design was approved, we moved on to building the pages with WordPress. The result is a fully-functional website that works well across all platforms and browsers.

View completed website

Screenshot of Emberger Consulting website

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