Jentry Pierson

UI/UX design for a financial company website

Jentry Pierson

About the project

Jentry Pierson is a firm that specializes in accounting. They provide excellent services at a fair price, and their staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

They started a marketing campaign and needed a new website. The marketing manager of the company contacted our team and asked if we could provide a proposal for the design of their website. They were looking for a design that would reflect the company's brand and the new app that they were working on.

screenshot of Jentry Pierson website

Our solution

The task was to create high-fidelity mockups in Figma with the content that the client had provided. The manager gave a few examples of the website they wanted and outlined their vision for it. They were clear about what they wanted and gave some great examples of how it could be achieved. We ran some experiments to see what direction would work best for their business, and then got the results we were looking for.

The client liked the minimalism and simplicity of the layout. The chosen color scheme conveyed professionalism and creativity, which are the key features of Jentry Pierson.

View completed mockups

Screenshot of Jentry Pierson website

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