Keeper Recruitment

UI/UX design for a recruitment company website

Keeper Recruitment

About the project

Keeper is a recruitment company that specializes in finding the right candidates for Australian businesses. They're experts in the field, and their services are top-notch.

The owner of the company was looking for a website design that would be perfect for their business and that would help them stand out from the competition. The design they had already built wasn't exactly what they were looking for. Since the target demographic was mainly specialists working in Not-for-profit, Aged Care, Healthcare, and Education industries, the design needed to be more lightweight and convey the right message.

screenshot of Keeper Recruitment website

Our solution

We worked closely with the founder of the company who was willing to share insights about their vision of the new website design. After some research, we tested a few ideas and came up with two proposals for the design. The prototypes were high-fidelity renderings of the concepts that we created using Figma. 

The owner was happy with one of the versions that we had provided, and then we finalized the design for other pages of the site.

View completed mockups

Screenshot of Keeper Recruitment website

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