Keiko Labs

Website prototype for a biotech company

Keiko Labs

About the project

Keiko Labs approached our agency with the need for a UI/UX prototype of their website to showcase to potential investors. They wanted a visually appealing and user-friendly prototype that accurately conveyed the look and feel of their brand.

screenshot of Keiko Labs website

Our solution

To begin the project, we held a kick-off meeting with the Keiko Labs team to discuss their vision and goals for the website prototype. We also gathered any relevant brand guidelines and assets to ensure that the prototype would align with their branding.

Next, we used Figma to create a series of wireframes outlining the structure and layout of the prototype. These wireframes served as a blueprint for the design process and helped to ensure that all necessary elements were included. Once the wireframes were approved, we moved on to the design phase. Using Figma, we created high-fidelity mockups of several pages including the homepage, shop page, and product detail page. We paid close attention to the overall aesthetic and made sure to incorporate Keiko Labs' brand colors and fonts throughout the prototype.

Finally, we conducted user testing to gather feedback on the prototype and made any necessary revisions. The Keiko Labs team was extremely satisfied with the final UI/UX prototype. They were able to use it as a powerful tool to demonstrate the potential of their website to investors, ultimately securing the funding they needed to bring the website to life. Overall, the project was a success and helped to establish our agency as a reliable partner for UI/UX design work.

View completed prototype

Screenshot of Keiko Labs website

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