Maison Architecture

Minimalist UI/UX design for an architecture firm

Maison Architecture

About the project

Maison Architecture is a full-service architecture design studio based in the UK that strives to create architecture that is memorable, stylish, and affordable.

In 2021 the company started new marketing campaigns but couldn't get the results they needed because of the website. It was dated, not user-friendly, and didn't reflect the branding of the firm. Even though it was functional, it wasn't great to look at, so the company was losing a number of potential leads coming to the website.

screenshot of Maison Architecture website

Our solution

The owner of the company got in touch with us to redesign their old website and make it more modern and tailored to the branding of Maison Architecture. Since the company already had a developer in-house, our task was to only provide the UI/UX design for the website which was then used by the developer as a basis for building the website.

First of all, we took the time to study the company and its current website. We wanted to know everything there is to know about it so that we could create the best solution. It was important that we were targeting the company's audience the right way because a large number of users were coming from ads and were interested in hiring an architecture firm. So the design needed to be very effective.

After confirming the design requirements with the client and low-fidelity wireframes, we delivered two design proposals for the website. The client chose the one that was more minimalistic in both style and tone, so we proceeded with the mockups for other pages. 

The mockups were created in Figma and the client was very happy with how everything turned out. The new design is modern, stylish, and inviting. It's easy to navigate and contains all the information that users need. It's also very visual, which helps capture the attention of users and make them linger on the page longer. Overall, the client was very satisfied with the new look of the website, and it's now helping the company get more leads.

View completed Figma design

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