Victory Elixir

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Victory Elixir

About the project

Victory Elixir is the ultimate in high-performing, plant-based, banned substance free performance and recovery products with ingredients scientifically proven to boost power, endurance, focus, energy and immunity while reducing pain and inflammation.

The founders of the company came to us with a lot of great content and a compelling brand story. Where they needed help was helping visitors find relevant content quickly and effortlessly, and communicating their dedication and commitment to wellness through site-wide branded storytelling.

The biggest challenge would be implementing the right combination of featured content, galleries and navigation opportunities, while still weaving that passion and purpose into new and existing pages.

screenshot of Victory Elixir website

Our solution

We worked diligently with founders of Victory Elixir to create a strong eCommerce experience for their customers, so they could easily browse, reserve, or purchase the products online.

We designed a user-centric experience that highlighted their extensive health expertise, as well as provide them with an area to manage products. Together we crafted a highly visual and easy to navigate experience to welcome visitors, online or in person, to Victory Elixir community.

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Screenshot of Victory Elixir website

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